According to estimates, there are 4,000 to 6,000 emergency power generators in Germany that can be integrated into a virtual power plant based on their size. Do you operate a standby power system for a medical facility, data centre, telecommunications company or cold store? Has it already occurred to you that this emergency generator can also earn money profitably through flexibility marketing and control energy in addition to its actual operation? But what does that mean? Even if you are the operator of a power generation system such as a combined heat and power unit (CHP) or a PV system, the following explanations could be of interest to you for an increase in yield.

Marketing on the power exchange

By networking an energy plant with BentoNet, ad-hoc energy can be fed in from the emergency backup when needed. BentoNet optimises and controls these inflows and also markets the surplus electricity. This means that active participation in various energy markets is open to you as a plant operator. But optimising your own load profile and peak capping are also additional possible applications here.


Your system continues to serve its intended purpose and also generates additional revenue for your company – while at the same time reducing costs in administration and sales.

In order to minimise your own additional expenditure and to fulfil all legal requirements, it makes sense to use the know-how and infrastructure of an established provider. With the connection to our BentoNet, you receive the complete solution from a single source. You provide control power with your plant and we have the corresponding market access to participate in direct marketing easily and without effort. Coupled with a secure and reliable infrastructure that fulfils all the necessary legal requirements, we act as an aggregator, so to speak, connecting many small, independent, decentralised plants. This means that the power plant minimum size of 5 MW, which is actually required, does not apply to the individual operator.

A connection to BentoNet also offers you the opportunity to make an active contribution to climate protection and reduce energy costs in the process. In times of Fridays for Future, this is an additional image gain that you can expand and use. As an IoT application, BentoNet is simple, fast, secure and cost-effective. Talk to us. We will tell you what you need to do for this and calculate the optimal solution for you and your plant.